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NE Talks to create a documentary on "Promoting business opportunities in North-East India."

NE Talks firmly believes that India's northeast is undoubtedly a land of immense potential and possibilities with wonders in every corner of the region.

Published On: 04-Jun-2019 01:05pm
Updated On: 04-Jun-2019 03:23pm

NE Talks, the first indegenous internet TV from the Northeast is going to create a documentary on "Promoting business opportunities in North-East India" with special reference to  Handloom and Handicraft industry, organic farming and cultivation, Agro, MSME and Food Processing, Horticulture, Tea, Spices and Medicinal Plants, Coir, Bamboo and Rural Craft Products, etc.

NE Talks firmly believes that India's northeast is undoubtedly a land of immense potential and possibilities with wonders in every corner of the region. Its people, with rich cultural heritage make the region all the more exceptional. Therefore, NE Talks is interested in promoting the business opportunities in Northeast India with special reference to  handloom and handicraft industry, organic farming and cultivation, agro, MSME and food processing, horticulture, tea, spices and medicinal plants, coir, bamboo and rural craft products, etc, through a documentary.

'The concept and the paper works are almost ready, and we are currently on the stage of fixing the locations for the production', J.D. Sarma, the chief executive officer of NE Talks said.

The technical team of NE Talks equipped with high quality cameras and sound recording equipments will leave for the various states of Northeast, including Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, etc for the final shoot.  The documentary is expected to be released by the 1st week of  August, 2019.

Handlooms and handicrafts form an integral part of the lifestyle of the indigenous people of this region. Crafted goods and magic weaves are not only made for their own use but are also a means of livelihood for numerous artisans scattered all over the region.

India's North-East, comprising eight States, is largely unspoilt by modern agricultural practices, which involve heavy use of agro-chemicals and chemical fertilisers. For this precise reason, the region is a natural choice for promoting organic farming in the country. Sikkim, the first organic State in India, has already shown the way for the other States in the region.

The Northeastern region produces huge marketable surplus in a number of perishable commodities, such as banana, pineapple, orange and tomato. Banana production in the region is estimated at 1.2 million tonnes a year; a fifth is consumed locally. 

Northeast India has decided to focus promoting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector. Since big industry needs large lands which are presently not available in Northeast India, therefore well planned investment made in MSME can give good profits here. 

For centuries, the Northeast has been a smorgasbord of various cultures, which is reflected in the rich array of handicrafts one can find here, from bamboo and cane products, to masks, wood carvings, textiles and earthernware. Tourists are bound to be awestruck by the diversity of arts and crafts of the region. While most tribes and communities have their distinctive handicrafts, the materials used to make them are largely the same.

Most of the tea produced in India comes from North East India, especially Assam and Tripura. The Assam tea industry accounts for more than 50% of India's total tea production. There are 848 registered tea estates in Assam, followed by Tripura (58). Arunachal Pradesh has 5, Meghalaya has 3, Manipur 2 and Nagaland has 1 registered tea estate. In addition to the 917 registered tea gardens, there are around 10,000 small tea growers in the North East region. Northeast provides a great potential for business in the tea industry.

The North East region of India is called as a hub of major spices like large cardamom, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, chilli, bay leaf, etc. which are in great demand and has tremendous potential. The region is home to some niche spice crops like Lakadong turmeric, Bird's eye chilli, King chilli and Nadia ginger which has high market demand for their unique features. 

Therefore, this particular documentary will focus on reflecting the huge business potentiality of the Northeastern states of India.


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