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Emerging market of short films

Short films depicted social realities, wild life, etc. in the last couple of decades many aspiring short film makers have emerged on the Indian horizon.

Published On: 24-Apr-2019 04:25pm
Updated On: 03-May-2019 12:40pm
Author: V. Mohanan
Article Section: Arts, Culture, Literature

Before the advent of internet and Youtube, the short films and documentaries were produced mostly to take part in international film festivals which have a section called short films or documentaries. The short films are supposed to be not more than 40 minutes of duration including all credits. Often, these films depicted social realities, wild life, etc. However, the profits from such films were far less compared to full length movies. More often, in third world countries they survived on government largesse.

It may also be noted that fledgling filmmakers are often comforted to find that many of their favorite directors had precarious beginnings, producing short films that were visually underwhelming and thematically overwrought. Occasionally, though, these short films emerged to unequivocal critical acclaim, catapulting their neophyte creators into the limelight and attracting financiers to fund their subsequent features. 

While, Hollywood nowadays find good financiers for such short films that is not the case in India. In the earlier days, it was the films division of the DAVP which used to make short films as part of government propaganda to be compulsorily shown before the start of the original film in theatres, in the last couple of decades many aspiring shortfilm makers have emerged on the Indian horizon.

With the advent of Internet and Youtube, shortfilms are attracting more viewers and have become a medium for storytelling with less expenditure. Some of the short films produced by acclaimed film makers like Mira Nair had millions of views in Youtube.

What is so great about such short films? They are not only short but succinct and more often heart touching like Black Mirror directed by Adil Burman which narrates the story of an orphan.

There is no denying the fact that a great future awaits the short film makers. If you have time, inclination and a good theme, then take a plunge. The sky is the limit.


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