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Artificial Intelligence

Don't you ogle the lady standing next to you in the Mall. She may be a robot.

Published On: 01-May-2019 05:00am
Updated On: 03-May-2019 02:56pm
Author: V. Mohanan
Article Section: Tech & Gadgets

John McCarthy, who coined the Artificial IntelligenceĀ  term in 1956, defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines." Even before McCarthy defined what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, there had been attempts at creating non-biological intelligence which will do the bidding of humans. For example, it would have been reasonable in the 17th century, as Gottfried Leibnitz, the mathematician, was writing about reasoning as a form of calculation, to think that the process of creating artificial intelligence would have to be something like the process of creating a waterwheel or a pocket watch: first understand the principles, then use human intelligence to devise a design based on the principles, and finally build a system in accordance with the design.

Even as theories on AI were propounded by various scientists, the master brains of script writers in Hollywood had gone ahead creating films based on AI. The 1976 sci-fi film Logan's Run is a classic example of this where people live in a closed enclosure and willingly die at the age of 30 in a carousel all controlled by a computer or shall we say an AI. Then we have had a series of movies all based on AI like the Terminator series, etc. but the noteworthy one was the I.Robot based on Isaac Asimov's short stories. It also brings into focus how an artificially developed intelligence can run amok too. The culprit here is another robot called VIKI which takes over the robot world creating a man versus robot conflict like in the Planet of the Apes.

Back in India, we also hadĀ  Chitti, the robot, in Rajnikant-Aiswarya Rai starrer Enthiran (Robot) in Tamil. Chitti too turns rogue and brings much destruction before he was destroyed. We live in 21st century and many sci-fi films were based on the future revolving around this century. Many scientists are now engaged in creating AI robots that will look exactly like humans. Thus you will never know the woman you are ogling is a robot or human. But from the examples of VIKI and Chitti, we know that we are creating a Frankenstein Monster, to recall Mary Shelley's 1818 novel.


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