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Campus Adda

Here at the 'CAMPUS ADDA' segment of 'NE Talks,' we take the subscribers back to their college days. Subscribe us, and get nostalgic . . . let the bird of your mind fly back to the campus of your college. .

9 - 30 Mins., Starts @ 11:00 am/ 11:30 am
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Web Series

Subscribe NE Talks, and get access to a large number of web series made by northeastern producers with just a single click. We are also coming up with our own 'in house productions,' stay tuned.

Weekly - 30 Mins., Starts @ 10:30 AM
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Take an insight at the thoughts, habits and lifestyle of your favorite public figure via this special segment of 'NE Talks,' and also get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity directly !

Weekly - 30 Mins., Starts @ 12:30 PM
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You are not supposed to be worried all the time, you deserve happiness. Subscribe 'NE Talks' and treat yourself with a much needed relaxing cup of laughter !

3 - 30 Mins., Starts @ 5:00pm
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Short Films

In this 'filmy' segment of 'NE Talks,' we provide you direct access to a large number of short films made by various talented film makers across the Northeast. Dear filmoholics, subscribe us, and stay tuned !

5 - 30 Mins., Starts @ 4:00 PM
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NE Food

Northeastern cuisine has always been an intriguing factor for the passionate foodies.Subscribe NE Talks without any delay and get a direct entry to the delicious world of the Northeastern culinary delights! Yummy!

7 - 30 Mins., Starts @ 10:30 am
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NE Music

Northeast is known for its own dance and music !! Here, N.E. Talks takes the privilege to give its viewers a rythmic Roller Costar ride across the musical scenario of the region !!! Subscribe us and get set for the foot-tapping numbers! Cheers !!

8 - 30 Mins., Starts @ 11:30pm
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City Updates

Are you desperately interested in the day to day happenings of Guwahati ? This particular segment of 'NE Talks' provides a close-up look at the happenings around the day to day lives of the incredible diversity of people who make up the city.

Daily - 30 Mins., Starts @ 6:00 PM
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NE Fashion

Are you interested in taking a glimpse at the edgy and quirky fashion sense of the Northeasterns ? In this exceptional segment of 'NE Talks,' we bring you the Northeastern passion of distinctness in style, accessories and clothing !

10 - 30 Mins., Starts @ 2:30 PM
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